Friday, January 20, 2012

All work and no play

Salam semua :)
How was ur day? Mine was a lil' chaos.
Doing FYP all by myself is not an easy task indeed.
Mini project lagi..
Ya Allah, permudahkan lah segala urusan ku.. Amin..
Finish etching my circuit board today, can proceed with placing the component.
I didn't try my circuit on a bread board first, I just proceed with the PCB..
A little gambling I did there. Hurm
Kalau x jadi project on PCB then I'm gonna die la. Huaaa.
Have to repeat all steps all over again. Ntah sempat ntah tak.
Pergi lab pagi td n siap etching n drilling.

This is the result--->

Tapi mcm ade tersilap with the spacing of should be 8mm, but what I did was 5mm..
Malas la, cakap bkn org paham pn.
Its already 4am but I'm still up.. Cuba menyiapkan layout utk mini project...tetapi malang...
Barang x packing lagi, esok balik. Haih.
Takde mood nak bercuti.

*p/s : terlalu bz sampai xde masa nak fikir psl perkara2 remeh.titik.

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